Registration for 2020/2021 Religious Education Classes has begun,
printable forms are attached below.
Classes are on Sundays or Wednesdays
 in Holy Angels School @ 6:00pm-7:30pm
dismissal from the classrooms.
Our mission is to assist you the parents/guardians, as your child’s first catechist, to nurture and foster growth in the Catholic faith of your children.
This is accomplished with help from Catechists/volunteers of our Parish who give of their time and talents and the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.  It is our hope that these programs assist you, to realize a deeper understanding of the words and ideas which guide the Catholic understanding of God. And to foster a growing spiritual sense of closeness with God by fully living out the faith as part of a community of service.

We believe:

  • That Christian faith is a gift from God which disposes one toward a lived relationship with God in Jesus Christ
  • That we encounter God in the experiences and events of everyday life as well as in the Catholic tradition.
  • That growth in Christian faith is a gradual and lifelong process.
We offer Religious Education for children from 1st grade through high scool. Classes are held on Wednesday OR Sunday evenings in Holy Angels School beginning at 6:00pm with dismissal at 7:30pm from the classrooms.

Our Religious Education program is lectionary based. We use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. For more information go to for family pages, newsletters, etc....

If you have a willing heart and a desire to share your faith with the youth of our Parish, please give us a call @ (302) 731.2209. 

English as a Second Language classes are also offered during our Religious Education evenings.  Please stop by the main office during Religious Education hours for more information.