Home School classes to continue January - March 2021

The safest path for our children and community will be to continue Home Schooling the Religious Education classes for 2021.

I know this has not been easy.  As a family, continue to set aside at least one hour a week for Religious Education.  You and your child/children can read the Sunday gospel, discuss what you read and recite prayers together.


Unit 3 Gospel Weeklies have been delayed due to an increase volume of Holiday mail & packages.  Below are PDF's for the Unit 3, January 17th & 24th Sunday Lesson's. 

When you received Unit 2 materials there was a letter containing instructions to register for the Digital Pflaum Gospel Weeklies so you could access your child’s lessons online, this is another option.

Some children's Unit 2 materails are still awaiting pick up from the Parish Center/Offices porch.
Our mission is to assist you the parents/guardians, as your child’s first catechist, to nurture and foster growth in the Catholic faith of your children.
This is accomplished with help from Catechists/volunteers of our Parish who give of their time and talents and the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.  It is our hope that these programs assist you, to realize a deeper understanding of the words and ideas which guide the Catholic understanding of God. And to foster a growing spiritual sense of closeness with God by fully living out the faith as part of a community of service.

We believe:

  • That Christian faith is a gift from God which disposes one toward a lived relationship with God in Jesus Christ
  • That we encounter God in the experiences and events of everyday life as well as in the Catholic tradition.
  • That growth in Christian faith is a gradual and lifelong process.
We offer Religious Education for children from 1st grade through high scool. Classes are held on Wednesday OR Sunday evenings in Holy Angels School beginning at 6:00pm with dismissal at 7:30pm from the classrooms.

Our Religious Education program is lectionary based. We use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. For more information go to www.pflaumweeklies.com for family pages, newsletters, etc...

If you have a willing heart and a desire to share your faith with the youth of our Parish, please give us a call @ (302) 731.2209. 

English as a Second Language classes are also offered during our Religious Education evenings.  Please stop by the main office during Religious Education hours for more information.