Confirmation 2023 Schedule


  • 15 November* (Tuesday):  7-8PM in Holy Angels Church Session #1 (1+2)
  • 30 November (Wednesday): Confirmation paperwork^ and Pastor Letter due
  • 13 December* (Tuesday):  7-8PM in Holy Angels Church Session #2 (3+6)
  • 10 January* (Tuesday):  7-8PM in Holy Angels Church Session #3 (4+5)
  • 1 February (Wednesday): Retreat page & Gifted With the Spirit assessments due
  • 7 February* (Tuesday):  7-8PM in Holy Angels Church Session #4 (7+8)


Candidate & Sponsor/parent must attend the Tuesday Sessions*

Confirmation paperwork^: registration form, Baptismal & 1st Communion certificates & Sponsor from


Rehearsal 17 February (Friday)  

 in Holy Angels Church & Gym Candidates & Sponsors attend

6:30pm for 10am celebration for Last Names A-L

7:30pm for 1pm celebration For Last Nmaes M-Z


Celebration of Confirmation

 18 February 2023 (Saturday)

In Holy Angels Church

10:00AM for Last Names A-L

1:00PM for Last Names M-Z


Registration/informational meetings were held on October 11, 18 or 25 for the candidate & parent.  The calendar for the Confirmation program with a list of requirements and due dates was handed out.

All students entering 8th grade or higher for the 2022/23 school year, who meet eligibility requirements and complete the Parish's Confirmation program, may celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in 2023. 

To be considered eligible, a student:

  • Should be enrolled currently (22/23)  & last year (21/22) in a Religious Education program or a catholic school.
  • Must be Baptized and have celebrated 1st Communion.
  • Fill out & return a registration form (attached below)
  • Candidate/student and parent both attend an information/registration meeting in the fall 2022
Questions please contact Mary Alberici office # 302.731.2209 or